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Temperature Mapping Services

Where is Temperature Mapping Important?

Temperature mapping is carried out in any sensitive environment. Special instruments known as data loggers can measure not just the overall temperature but can also detect any variations, known as hot or cold spots.

This might be due to a malfunction of a part of the equipment, seasonal factors such as the weather, the result of a power cut or someone opening or closing a door. Data loggers can provide extremely precise results, making temperature mapping an essential tool for ensuring that a number of environments are fit for purpose.

Here Arena Instrumentation, who provide high-quality temperature mapping services across the UK, identify some of the key areas where this is so important.


Temperature mapping of refrigerated and cold-storage equipment is a key ingredient to ensuring that these products are safely stored throughout the cold-chain, to provide patient safety and ensure quality of results.

Reliable Research Results

Research laboratories need to carry out experiments in strictly controlled conditions. This is so that their results can be relied upon and authenticated by the international scientific community.

Pharmaceutical Products

It is essential that any medicine is kept in strictly controlled conditions, whether it’s in a storage warehouse, a laboratory or a manufacturing plant. When drugs are stored in temperatures which are too high or too low – even if it is only by a few degrees Celsius – then its physical properties or chemical stability can be affected. There isn’t always a sign that this is happening, such as the product changing colour, which can make it hard to detect.

Any chemical degradation could mean the drugs will not be as effective in treating the patients who take it. This in turn can lead to expensive product recalls and reputational damage to the manufacturers.

For Transportation

Pharmaceutical products often need to be taken from the manufacturing plant to a storage warehouse, so the transportation methods must be as secure as the environments they are coming from – and going to. Vans and other vehicles need to be monitored to check that any variations in temperature are within acceptable limits.

Arena’s temperature mapping services include the distribution and transportation industries, as well as the warehousing and pharmaceutical sectors.

The same temperature issue applies to any chemicals which are being moved as part of a laboratory relocation. Any problems while the materials are in transit could spoil years of painstaking research.

Arena Instrumentation specialise in lab relocation services to all parts of the UK, and has successfully co-ordinated moves for colleges, universities, private companies and a variety of healthcare providers.

Temperature Mapping Services from Arena Instrumentation

Arena Instrumentation carry out UKAS temperature mapping within over 100 locations with the NHS, private healthcare and pharmaceutical environments. We support all areas of cold-chain management and logistics, from preparation, transportation to storage. Our trained engineers, high-precision equipment and low uncertainty make our temperature mapping accurate, reliable and ISO:17025 compliant.

Arena Instrumentation offer temperature mapping services across the UK. This can be part of a scheduled check, after new equipment has been installed or existing machines repaired. Fridges, freezers, incubators, and water baths are among the types of equipment we provide checks for in hospitals and laboratories.

We measure the temperature over 24, 48 or 72 hours (or longer!), depending on your needs and the type of equipment involved.

If you would like to know more, you can contact us by following this link or calling us on 0151 355 1314.

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