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Laboratory Relocation Specialists

Arena Instrumentation are laboratory relocation specialists. We offer professional laboratory moving services, including ground transportation and complete project management, to ensure your move is carried out successfully, in compliance with legislation, and tailored to your individual requirements.

Our laboratory relocation team has the skills and experience to deliver a successful project, no matter what the scale. All our staff have been fully vetted in all the relevant security requirements and are fully up to date with all the relevant legislation, including the standards laid down by the MHRA, UKAS and GxP. They also appreciate the need to work quickly, safely and efficiently, giving you plenty of peace of mind.

We have successfully carried out lab relocations for a number of blue-chip companies, research organisations, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our excellent reputation within the sector means that many of our clients have used us on several occasions and are happy to recommend us to others.

Our project team engages with our clients and all their stakeholders, from pre-planning to project close-out, to ensure that we meet everyone’s needs, deliver a seamless relocation, and exceed our customers’ expectations. We appreciate the need to minimise the time your lab is out of action, as this can compromise your work and cost you money.

All the individual items which need to be moved will be treated with the utmost care, whether they are scientific instruments, glassware, reagents or samples. We can also help with the transfer of different types of data, dangerous goods and cold chain materials.

Our wide skill set, and the diverse range of equipment we specialise in, means that we can offer a large cost saving compared to the original equipment manufacturers and other suppliers. This is because we reduce the number of third parties and OEMs involved when carrying out equipment commissioning and relocation.

Our aim is to offer a Single Source Solution to help you consolidate contracts and provide you with a reduction in decommissioning, recommissioning and transportation costs. We also offer a comprehensive range of instrument calibration and UKAS temperature mapping services, which means you can rely on us to ensure that all your equipment works safely and effectively after your laboratory relocation. This in turn can provide you with significant cost savings across your facility.

If you would like to learn more about our laboratory relocation services, please get in touch.

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