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Vaccine Storage with Arena Instrumentation and B Medical Systems

If lifesaving vaccines are not stored at the correct temperatures, then their chemical composition could be damaged, meaning that they won’t work as effectively and, in some cases, could become harmful to patients.

This has been highlighted by the differing storage requirements of the two COVID-19 vaccines which are currently being administered across the UK. Arena Instrumentation promote and sell products from B Medical Systems who manufacture high-quality medical-grade freezers, refrigerators and transportation boxes. These products ensure the cold chain integrity of both the Pfizer Biontech and Moderna vaccines – whether they are in transit or in storage, and wherever they are needed.

To a Regional Hub

The B Medical Ultra Low Freezers U201 and U701 can be used for both vaccines. These freezers can store vaccines (once they have been made and distributed by the manufacturer) at temperatures as low as -82°C – making them especially suitable for the Pfizer vaccine which needs to be kept at a very low temperature.

These freezers can also be used for the Moderna vaccine. This does not need to be stored at such a low temperature, but still needs to be kept at -20°C (or within the temperature range -15°C to -25°C). All you need to do is adjust the initial setpoint.

To Local Points of Care

Alternatively, if the vaccine is going directly to a local point of care such as a GP surgery or a care home, then B Medical supplies Passive Transport Boxes RC W25 which will keep the vaccine at a sufficiently low temperature.

In the case of the Pfizer vaccine, this means as low as -80°C – but the RCW 25 will also operate at higher temperatures such as the -20°C setting needed for the Moderna vaccine.

The RCW 25 can also be set at 5°C, but this should only be used if the vaccine is going to be administered within the next five days in the case of the Pfizer variant or within the next 30 days if it’s being used to carry the Moderna vaccine.

While the vaccine is at the local point of care, the Ice Lined Refrigerators TCW80AC or TCW3000AC, Precision Lab lines L55-L380 or the Solar Direct Drive Refrigerators TCW40 or 3000SDD are ideal for storing it.

The Last Mile and Outreach Locations

Sometimes the vaccine needs to go to more localised centres, such as pop-up clinics, schools and people’s homes, to vaccinate people who cannot get to their local GP surgery or hospital.

In the case of these so-called ‘last mile’ or outreach locations, B Medical’s Passive Transport Carrier RCW1 has been approved by the World Health Organisation and will ensure the vaccine remains in a usable condition until it is ready for injection. The RCW1 can accommodate ice packs in a fixed position, reducing the possibility of any handling errors.

B Medical Systems from Arena Instrumentation

Arena Instrumentation can provide the complete cold chain solution for either of these two COVID-19 vaccines, not just for storage but for transportation as well.

We can also provide a range of other B Medical refrigeration systems, including pharmacy and blood bank fridges and plasma freezers. If you would like to know more about the range of B Medical refrigeration equipment which we can supply, then you can follow this link. Alternatively, you can contact Craig Sampson on 07866 777 914 or email him at craig.sampson@arenai.co.uk.