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High-Level Praise for BMedical Systems’ Vaccine Cold Chain

BMedical Systems, a longstanding partner of Arena Instrumentation, have been officially recognised at the highest level – thanks to their work in helping roll out the coronavirus vaccination programme.

BMedical are a Luxembourg-based global manufacturer and distributor of medical-grade devices, including the precision equipment needed for COVID vaccine storage and transportation.

A letter from Luxembourg’s deputy high commissioner Guy Bley praises the company’s “great achievement” in setting up a “state of the art” cold chain solution, which ensured there was “zero wastage” when it came to storing and transporting the country’s supply of the Moderna vaccine.


BMedical supplied Passive Transport Boxes RCW25 which kept the product at the sufficiently low temperature while it was being taken to a local point of care – although the RCW25 can also operate at the even lower temperatures needed for the Pfizer vaccine. Each box can carry up to 9,750 doses of the vaccine.

The company also supplied TCW3000AC deep freezers to store the country’s stocks of the vaccine. These ensured the Moderna vaccine was kept at its optimal temperature of -20°C – without any variations which could have damaged its effectiveness.

Craig Sampson, Arena Instrumentation’s Business Development Manager (Director Designate) said: “Arena Instrumentation have been supporting BMedical Systems for many years now.  We entered into a longstanding relationship with them as we have always understood and appreciated the knowledge and expertise that they can offer the United Kingdom when it comes to the sophisticated equipment required for blood storage and vaccine cold chain solutions.

“For over 40 years BMedical have been creating innovative solutions to store and transport vaccines and blood components across the world safely. Their commitment to supporting governments, health institutions and NGOs has not only saved innumerable lives but helped communities develop and prosper.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world into extreme measures, BMedical’s combination of high-quality products and high-quality people have achieved great success with ensuring COVID vaccines are being stored and transported at optimal freezing temperatures with zero temperature excursions.

“This has been endorsed by the Luxembourg government’s letter of recommendation in support of BMedical, a world leader in providing vaccine cold chain solutions. It is a pleasure for Arena Instrumentation to be a part of this cause in offering support to BMedical’s fight against COVID-19.”

To see the full letter, click here


BMedical Systems Product Range from Arena Instrumentation

Arena Instrumentation can supply BMedical Systems’ Biomedical Refrigeration product range, which also includes medical, pharmacy and blood bank fridges and -80°C freezers. If you would like to know more, follow this link or call either Craig Sampson on 07866 777 914 or George Stanton on 07384 218433.