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Laboratory Relocation Specialists | The Five Key Reasons Why Laboratories Might Need to Change Their Venue

Given the amount of valuable scientific equipment any modern-day laboratory contains, coupled with all the other challenges presented by a relocation, it might seem surprising that so many scientific premises are constantly moving from one site to another.

Here we look at a few of the key underlying reasons why so many laboratories in colleges, research institutions, and companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries may find themselves on the move, and require relocation services.

Scientific Progress

The world of science is a constantly-evolving one, with new discoveries being made on a regular basis – which in turn affects laboratories across the globe. Colleges, blue-chip companies and research labs need to accommodate new scientific instruments and work on different processes, as what was once state-of-the-art quickly becomes obsolete.  Often this will necessitate a change of venue for the laboratory, its equipment and staff.

Regulatory Compliance

If the type of work the lab is involved with changes, then a move may be necessary to meet all the rules and regulations.

For example, if the lab’s new research involves experiments in which potentially noxious gases are emitted, then steps will be needed to protect staff under the provisions of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act of 2002. This may mean moving to a new site, as the existing premises will not be suitable to accommodate all the required safety measures, such as installing fume cupboards.

There are also strict rules surrounding the disposal of waste items, medicines and healthcare products, animal welfare, and general good practice, also known as GxP, all of which have their own sets of guidelines.

Funding Changes

Many science labs in the UK depend on grants and sponsorship from the private sector and the government. An influx of cash may mean that the lab can afford to move to new, larger premises.

Equally, some of the funding may only be available for a set number of years, so the lab may have to be downsized and operate from a smaller site. The same applies if part of the research has been completed, or if the lease on the building runs out.

Unexpected Events

Occasionally, laboratories need to move because of unexpected events, such as fire or flooding. Some labs may be more vulnerable to damage because of the hazardous materials being used or stored there – in spite of safety precautions, accidents still happen.

In cases like these, the company, college or research facility might need to find a temporary home while the damaged one is repaired or refurbished, or to move to a permanent new facility.

Laboratory Relocation Services from Arena Instrumentation

Whatever the underlying reason for your laboratory move, you can rely on Arena Instrumentation for top-quality relocation services. We can help with large or small moves, and, thanks to our UKAS-accredited instrument calibration services, can ensure that all your equipment is working perfectly as soon as you are working in your new premises.

If you would like to know more about our laboratory relocation services, click here or call us on 0151 355 1314.