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Advantages of Regular Centrifuge Servicing

Centrifuges are one of the mainstays of the modern laboratory as they allow technicians to separate out liquids, fluids and gases of different densities. This means they are an essential tool in separating out the constituent parts of blood, isolating DNA and purifying any chemical samples.

It is essential that centrifuges are kept in good working order as they are exposed to many different types of materials and are operated at very high speeds. Arena Instrumentation, offer specialist centrifuge servicing to all our clients to ensure that this is achieved. Here are the key reasons why you should have these sensitive instruments checked as regularly as possible.

Personal Safety

As the name implies, centrifuges use rotational force to separate out different substances. If something breaks or shears off the instrument itself then it could easily injure someone, given the high speeds and forces involved.

This particularly applies to rotors and rotor pins – if either of these breaks then they are likely to travel in one direction – towards the user. Many centrifuges have inbuilt safety features, but these can also develop faults.


Equipment Safety

Just as it can hurt human beings, stray centrifuge parts can cause collateral damage to other valuable equipment in the laboratory (or wherever it’s being used). If this results in the lab being put out of action, then the financial consequences could be severe – particularly if the laboratory is a commercial one where lost time represents lost money.


Saving Money

Missing a service (or two) can seem like a tempting proposition, particularly if you think you have been taking good care of it by cleaning it regularly and checking for damage. However, there’s no substitute for having it looked at by qualified experts. They know what to look for – cracks, scratches and other types of damage which can easily develop into something more serious.

A missed service increases the likelihood of the centrifuge breaking down or not lasting as long as it should. In extreme cases, the centrifuge itself may be damaged beyond repair which will mean spending money on a replacement much earlier than expected.

So, in the long run, regular centrifuge servicing could actually save you money – it should ensure the instrument’s longevity.


Regulatory Compliance

If you miss a scheduled service, then any warranty which comes with your centrifuge may be rendered invalid. In addition, many UK labs follow international standards laid down by ISO 15189 which relates to the quality management systems in all medical laboratories. Any gaps in your centrifuge’s servicing history may mean you won’t be awarded this certification.


Centrifuge Servicing from Arena Instrumentation

At Arena Instrumentation, we can ensure your centrifuges are kept in excellent working order. Specifically, we can check its speed of operation and RPM, as well as any other key performance indicators. This is all carried out to UKAS standard and can be carried out on site, in your own laboratory.

If you would like to know more about any of our calibration services, you can follow this link and fill in the online form, or call us on 0151 355 1314.